Diamond Harbour


Diamond Harbour!

We just want to thank everyone for visiting our website Diamond Harbour! Our men’s group created this website for the simple reason to explain to all of our loved ones, the trials and experiences we are about to face while visiting the country of India! This crazy journey first began as just a gut feeling, that theHoly Spirit was leading us to go out and spread the Gospel!

Our men’s group meets every tuesday night and we just finished wrapping up the series bout when Jesus explains to the apostles about fulfilling the Great Commission. Well after each meeting, we typically end in prayer, in order to ask God in where he is leading us or what he is calling us to do. It was a regular prayer meeting like any other night except this night just felt different. One of the guys started flipping through channels afterwards, and stumbled across this documentary about the people of India around the Diamond Harbour area.

It was extremely intriguing to learn about the culture and religion of these people. We learned that christians are not welcomed here and that majority of the people here are either Buddhist or Muslim. After the show was over, we all turned to look at each other as if we all came to the same conclusion on what we must do! It was definitely a very interesting experience and thank God for always showing us the way!

All the men were fairly nervous about leaving there families but to all of our surprise they were all very supportive in our cause. We also had a lot of support from our community. One Local company was even kind enough to donate 10% of there proceeds to our mission trip! Check them out at treecareplanotx.com

We are all truly blessed beyond measure to have this great opportunity! We wish, we could have been called to administer the Gospel to the Fiji Islands or Maldives or even our local community but it’s God’s ways and not ours. We hope to keep this blog open as a informative insight about all of our experiences and form of communication for anyone wanting to ask us a question. We are bout to get all of our things packed today and then head out here in the next couple of days! We are all truly excited to embark on this adventure and we ask for you all to join us in our quest to spread the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ!